I want to personally “Thank You” for taking the time to learn about Agilis Technologies and our core products, Mist Eliminators. You have not likely heard about our vast capabilities or the benefits of Mist Eliminators and we look forward to you exploring what we have to offer.

While Mist Eliminators have been used for decades, most people do not realize what an important function they play in helping modern industry clean up its environmental footprint. That is generally because once they are installed they do their job day in and day out without much fanfare.

Agilis Technologies meanwhile has been quietly making some of the highest quality, most innovative Mist Elimination devices now for nearly two decades.  Most people have not heard of us. However, we have and will continue to work hard at providing the highest quality, best-performing products available right here in our quiet corner of the U.S.A.

I joined Agilis Technologies with over 35 years’ experience in manufacturing and product development, working both in the steel fabricating industry and for a specialty sporting goods manufacturer. My passion for finding better solutions to customer problems is well documented as I have been awarded several US patents for innovation. Coupled with a strong belief in superior quality and customer service working with Agilis Technologies was a natural fit.

The future of our business looks bright as more and more industries need to cope with tighter pollution standards and are seeking experts like Agilis Technologies to provide innovative real-time solutions. We are preparing to meet this demand head- on with investments in technology, capabilities and most importantly our people.

Thank you again for your valuable time, and remember Agilis Technologies means, “Quality Built to Perform”.

Doug Jacot