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Horizontal Flow Mist Eliminator Model-HF3

Removal of sea spray in a well designed ventilation system is an important component in protecting valuable equipment in your vessel. Use of an Agilis Technologies Demister (Mist Eliminator) and fan system can provide you with excellent protection.


                                                                 -  Ventilation Fans and Exhaust Systems

                                                                 -  Mist Eliminators

                                                                 -  Hatch Covers

                                                                 -  Heated Mist Eliminators (De-Icing)

                                                                 -  Automated Control Systems

                                                                 -  Vessels ,   Round or rectangular

                                                                 -  Custom Fabrication


Our systems can be as simple as a single Demister (mist eliminator) designed to fit the side of your vessel or be as sophisticated as to include a blower or fan system.   We can add measuring equipment for pressure and temperature control and green water removal systems.


We provide systems manufactured in a wide variety of materials including 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 2205, Polypropylene, Kynar and a host of others.


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Item Description Munters spray mist eliminators significantly decrease drinking water and salt spray which may trigger beneath deck corrosion, whilst sustaining unrestricted air movement to engines and gear. Higher Effectiveness • Patented extremely effective, aerodynamic style • Minimal airflow restriction Flexible and versatile • Accessible in solitary or multi-stage models • Customized fabrication for many vessels • Matches most colour strategies, removes require for portray Decrease Expenses • Removes pricey harm to engines and add-ons • Minimizes upkeep and restore • Reduced stress fall assists protect gas effectiveness Item INFORMATON Munters Mist Eliminator Technologies: Drinking water and salt spray carried on board with inlet air is really a significant supply of corrosion on any vessel. Whilst salt drinking water spray is much more severe, even new drinking water spray will trigger corrosion, elevated upkeep and harm to engines, accent gear and furnishings. Munters maritime mist eliminators set up at air inlets or in inlet ducts make sure the air introduced aboard is totally free from corrosion -causing mist and spray. Non-metallic mist eliminator profiles can be found in strong black or white materials, providing you the power to match most colour strategies and getting rid of the necessity for portray. Munters maritime mist eliminators are assembled in modules before set up within the vessel. Our customized style and fabricating group can match accessible inlet openings on most vessels, whether or not or not it's enjoyment yachts, fishing vessels, passenger ferries, crew boats, army vessels, or tug boats. The method can be utilized for each motor space air flow and devoted motor combustion air for just about any kind of propulsion motor or auxiliary energy device. Munters Mist Eliminators permit inlet air to show and move in between the profiles with minimal restriction. Drops influence the profile surface area exactly where they're gathered and drained. ME Division Maritime Programs M i s t E l i m i n a t o r s a n d L o uve r s Flexibility Munters horizontal movement mist eliminators can be found as solitary or multi-stage models. Solitary phase models eliminate hefty spray and rain with minimal movement restriction. Multi-stage models are suited to the extremely hefty spray and “green water” services. They are able to integrate Munters patented Round-Rod-Coalescer pads for elevated elimination of dry solids and liquid droplets right down to one micron diameter. UNRESTRICTED AIRFLOW Munters understands how essential unrestricted air movement would be to engines and on-board gear. Limited air movement to engines leads to a lack of energy, a rise in emissions, and wastes valuable fossil gas. Munters maritime mist eliminators are made to function with minimal stress fall, therefore making certain that air movement isn't unduly limited, and engines and gear aren't starved for crucial air. The patented aerodynamic form of Munters mist eliminators continues to be particularly created to reduce drinking water and salt spray entry whilst maximizing the air movement. OPERATIONAL Concerns • Get rid of salt and drinking water mist out of your motor space • Decrease upkeep expenses • Minimal air movement restriction • Confirmed in more than 10 many years of use at sea • Customized styles accessible to suit your vessel. • Specified high quality boat builders and designers • Environmentally audio It Tends to make Feeling to guard Your Expense Decrease upkeep expenses,protect your vessel’s look, and in the end make sure dependable procedure for your security of one's travellers and crew. Munters Company ME Division PO Box 6428 Ft. Myers, FL 33911 United states Telephone: (239) 936-1555 Toll Totally free: (800) 446-6868 Fax: (239) 278-1316 e mail: moreinfo_me@americas.munters.com www.munters.us ©Copyright Munters Company 2003 MB-MAB-0305 AIR INTAKES IN Maritime Programs • Stop corrosion by maintaining dampness and salt from machine space and entire ship • Extend the lifestyle of air flow method filters and decrease stress fall • Stop odor, mildew and germs within the air flow method • Steer clear of electrical malfunction by stopping dampness and corrosion at electrical elements Overall performance Ranges Shield towards: • Rain and splash drinking water - big sized droplets • Spray drinking water - medium sized droplets • Salt laden droplets - extremely little droplets primarily made up of salt, with a few drinking water

Air Consumption Grilles

Teardrop form motor space grille

Black teardrop form grille

White motor space air flow grille

Gloss white powder coated grille

Salt spray and mist inside your motor space has historically been certainly one of probably the most tough problems to regulate. Now with Maritime Air Movement dampness decreasing air consumption grilles, you are able to eliminate the issue entirely.

Harm like blown turbo's, blocked air filters, broad unfold corrosion and degradation of one's beneficial motor space gear can now be averted.

Some Attributes:

Minimizes Harm to beneficial plant and motor space elements.

Customized produced to fit your specifications.

No shifting components.

Provided with complete set up package and directions.

How They Function:

Motor space consumption grille diagram

Utilizing motor induction or motor space followers, the dampness laden exterior air provide is drawn via our grille, passing by way of a complicated method of vanes within the procedure. This motion eliminates the dampness laden molecules in the air, forsaking a significantly fresher air provide inducted into your motor space.

Air is drawn in to the encounter from the grille. The dampness laden air then passes by way of a method of vanes which lure the dampness within the air and trigger it to operate vertically down the encounter from the vanes and after that be expelled by way of the exterior drain. The dampness decreased air is then fed into your motor space to be used by your motor as well as other elements. The vanes are adequately complex to lure the dampness, but no so complex they considerably sluggish the air movement.

Overall performance Information:

Overall performance - Solitary Grille

Drinking water dealing with

Max encounter velocity


Overall performance - Double Grille

Completed item particulars:

Fins / Vanes


Provided end




Stress Reduction & Drinking water Elimination

Your content goes here... Our stress reduction is considerably much more effective than some other manufacturers. We acheive less than 120pa fall at a encounter velocity of 5.8 metres per second. one This means better effectiveness for your followers and motor space gear. The completed grille continues to be tested at excess of 250 litres per minute per 2 m with effective elimination of all visible drinking water.

one Independantly Tunnel tested by UniQuest

Maritime Air Grilles


Air Grilles for cruise vessel

Atlantic Princess

Air Grilles for your cruise vessel Atlantic Princess.

Customized Shaped grille with dorade

Customized shaped grille in black

Customized shaped black grille for Aqua Marina

Teardrop shaped air grille

Teardrop shaped grille

Flange Info:

We have three flange options the particulars of which are beneath: All these options have a fixing flange of 40mm & a encounter flange of 25mm.

Flush Flange:

With this option the fixing flange is flush to the outside encounter from the grille. Once set up only the 3mm thickness from the flange protrudes outside from the vessel. 100mm from the grille thickness extends in to the air ducting, decreasing the airway by 100mm. The drain slots on this assembly are totally visible to the exterior encounter.

Flush flange for motor space grille

Stepped Flange:

With this option the grilles extends 30mm to the exterior from the vessel and 70mm protrudes in to the air ducting. On this assembly the drain slots maybe mounted on the underside edge and thereby aren't easily visible. This acheives a much more aesthetic exterior look.

Stepped flange for air consumption grille

Limited Flange:

With this option the grille extends 70mm to the exterior from the vessel and only 30mm protrudes in to the air ducting. This acheives the least restrictive passage within the air ducting. It is recommended that this arrangement is utilised in any limited airway so as to maximise air movement.

Motor space grille with limited flange

Fixing Flange:

The fixing flange is 40mm.

Fixing flange on the air grille

Solitary & Double Phase Grille Setups

Solitary Phase Grilles:

Solitary phase air grille diagram

Maritime Air Movement International solitary phase air grilles are made to stop the induction of salt spray and dampness laden air into your motor space. Our grilles will permit air to move at up to 6 metres per second, with extremely minimal air stress reduction.

Most drinking water induction problems may be solved with this solitary phase device.

Solitary Phase With Filter Media. Learn more about marine Mist Eliminator

Solitary phase air grille with filter media

For situations exactly where you have the same problems with dampness induction but with the added problems of dust, insects, sand and particulate also being injected into your motor space space, we can add a specialised filter media to the encounter of one's grille to get rid of these additional problems. These kind of setups are typically called "Two Stage" grilles.

Double Grille With Filter Media

Double phase air grille with filter media

When you require higher velocities and bigger quantities of air a double phase grille is required. These consist of two air grilles with a mounted filter media situated in between the two grilles. When you exceed the recommended air velocity dampness is inevitably drawn via the primary grille. The excess dampness then hits the intermediate filter media and condenses to much larger drops, some of which are removed by way of the drains. The remainder from the dampness particles are then removed by the second phase grille. These kind of setups are typically called "Three Stage" grilles.


Air consumption grilles can be found from $1200 + gst. The size from the grilles is dependant upon varying factors, and of course the size required to make sure accurate operating air provide is the governing factor in our pricing structure. We can also manufacture the grilles in almost any form and offer complete motor space air flow systems.

The things you will require to know for this procedure are:

The number of main engines inside your vessel.

The total horsepower of these main engines.

The make and preferably model of one's engines. (Not essential but preferable.)

The horsepower of any generators you may have inside your motor space.

The form of one's grille penetration.

The area of one's grille penetration - or -

The height & length measurements from the penetration so we can calculate the area.

The volume of one's motor space - or -

The height, width & length measurements so our web site can calculate this area.

Agilis continues to be refining mist elimination technologies for decades, and working closely with customers in a diverse range of industries to address the specific problems that occur. The mist eliminator profiles are continuously assessed and created as processes and conditions evolve. The style parameters for installations are evaluated utilizing an extensive database and a powerful style program, the results are then laboratory tested. This close attention to detail and the expertise of our R&D departments have produced us the leaders in this technologies.